Catch Safety Concerns Before They Become Serious Issues

Catch Safety Concerns Before They Become Serious Issues

Visit Our Garage in Apalachin, NY for your vehicle inspection

Every year, every Apalachin, New York car owner has to get a vehicle inspection. A mechanic at Our Garage, Inc. will conduct a full auto inspection on your car to ensure it's safe and functioning properly. We perform comprehensive safety checks to look at your brakes, seat belts, steering and suspension, tires, mirrors and lights.

Stop by Our Garage today for your vehicle inspection.

New York requires auto inspections every 12 months

In the state of New York, annual auto inspections are required to drive your vehicle. If you're caught without proof of a recent vehicle inspection, you run the risk of:

  • Getting pulled over and issued a fine
  • Losing the ability to drive your vehicle
  • Being unable to renew the registration

Is your vehicle due for its annual auto inspection? Make an appointment at Our Garage in Apalachin, New York by calling 607-258-0008 today.